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Wei-Fan Chen is a serial entrepreneur, a developer turned award winning game designer and producer, and a growth hacker. He founded Fourdesire an app publisher that aims to produce a variety of meaningful and purposeful games to bring positive impact to the society. His numerous award winning titles Plant Nanny, Walkr and Fortune City have been used by tens of millions of users globally and were covered by Washington Post, Business Insider, IGN, Polygon and etc.

The purposes Wei-Fan infuses to the games include keeping people to stay hydrated (via Plant Nanny), motivating them to walk more and stay healthy (via Walkr), and helping them to keep track of their personal expense history (via Fortune City). His future product roadmap of playable product will touch upon more real life purposes.

Wei-Fan is also an author, tech blogger, lecturer, and advocator of playfulness and behavioral design. He frequently shares in universities and industry events such as an Apple Store opening event and training session at Amazon, to name a few. His blogs and literary works cover game design, play theory, behavioral design, human-computer interfaces and interaction design. He is also a hands-on developer who maintains scalable cloud computing solution to support his massive users.



Playable Design: The Play Space of Everyday Things

In this book, the author Wei-Fan Chen collect over 50 extraordinary case studies from various designers, artists, and companies, such as Nintendo, ROLI, MUJI, NORD DDB Shockholm, Brenda Romero, Alessi, and Humans since 1982. With these interesting cases, Wei-Fan share his experience of analysis this cases and his own works, reveal the purpose of playable design, which is not only to create an exciting toy or a challenging game, but also to create work projects, social interactions, and everyday products that inspire playfulness and help users build more fun, motivated, and creative world.

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CEO / Executive Producer


Taipei, Taiwan

Responsible for managing creative, engineering and marketing teams to deliver the most innovative products.


To-Do Adventure, Fortune City, Walkr, Plant Nanny, and Plant Nanny²

Lead product design and provide team leadership to team members including engineers, artist, and designers.


Bigcat Studio

Taipei, Taiwan

Lead the studio to creative innovative animation series on the online streaming service.


National Taiwan University of Science and Technology

Department of Industrial and Commercial Design

Senior Server Engineer

Designed, developed, and maintained scalable server solution to support massive users. Designed and developed efficient API interfaces, cloud-computing instance, and scalable database.


Playable Design: The Play Space of Toys, Environments, Games, and More

Featured Speaker, Serious Play Conference, 2020

Addictive Playable Design: Understand The Philosophy Behind Fourdesire Product

CMX, 2020

App 研⁠究⁠室:和⁠陳⁠威⁠帆一⁠起用⁠玩⁠心打⁠造 App

Apple Store, 2019

Creating Playable Design

Serious Play Conference, 2019

Modern Microservices and Global Distribution Strategy

2019 AWS Taipei Summit, 2019


National Taiwan University

Master of Engineering, Civil Engineering, Computer-Aided Engineering Group

National Chiao Tung University

Bachelor’s degree, Civil Engineering


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